How To Register


For the convenience of the public, registration for all the departments is centralised and done at OPD 1- Ground floor (OPD Block). Registration of patients for the department Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OBG) is done in OPD 24 (OBG). Registrations at the peripheral hospitals like the IPHB, TB &Chest hospital, RHTC and UHC are done at the respective centres Emergency and Medico Legal services are registered at the registration counter next to Casualty.


The registration process is computerised.

You will be asked exact name, age, address and other details at the registration counter.

You will be given a case paper with a unique patient number which can be used in future to avail services from any department in GMC.

You can select the consultant or resident. However the number of patients seen by the consultants are limited and it would be advisable to report early if you have such preferences.

The case paper will also generate a token number which will decide the order in which you can enter the OPD for an examination.

We request you to adhere to the queuing system. Patients may jump the queue in case of an emergency.

Senior citizens and those with disability are provided with assistance. Wheel chairs are available on request for those who require them.