Forensic Medicine

The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Goa Medical College has the state of the art facility for teaching this branch of Medicine that helps in determining the cause of death. The newly inaugurated building of forensic medicine and toxicology at the Goa Medical College has ultra-modern equipment & facilities to conduct autopsies and demonstrate the same using state of the art technology. The morgue has a capacity to store 200 bodies. It has a well equipped museum and library to help students develop interest in this subject which is taught during the 2nd MBBS. GMC is not just a hospital but an Teaching Institute of learning and the Department which has the infrastructure to suit these two purposes. The Department works closely with the Police & Magistrates in various Medico Legal Cases and is also involved in training doctors on the medico legal cases and the completing of the Certification of the Cause of Death. The public can preserve a dead body, certified by a registered medical practioner, at the GMC Morgue on payment of Rs. 100/- day.
The public can also donate such a dead body to the Department of Anatomy, GMC. for teaching purposes


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