General Medicine/Internal medicine

The department of Internal medicine is a special branch which has the scientific knowledge and clinical expertise for the management of adults across the spectrum for a variety of communicable as well as non communicable disease. People with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, malaria, stroke would be managed by the department of internal medicine.

All medical emergencies can be tackled in the casualty and attempts made to stabilize them as per standard Protocol.

Special clinics on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in OPD a OPD 05
Facilities deal with myocardial infraction, acute coronary syndrome, acute left ventricular failure and CCF to name few. Echo Cardiography and Treadmill
Facilities like coronary angiography and revascularization (Surgical and non-surgical),
EPS studies, Holter monitoring, Pacemaker Implantation will be available once the Cath lab facilities are available.

All the facilities to treat endocrine disorder are available. Endocrine OPD is on Monday and Wednesday Morning at OPD 12 and on Friday morning at the Paediatric OPD for Paediatric Endocrinology.

Nephrology OPD is on Monday and Friday morning at OPD 05. Facilities are available from Hemo dialyses and peritoneal dialyses, Facilities for continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialyses, Renal transplantation are available along with the Urology Department.

Facilities for medical oncology are available only that the conformation of the diagnosis and advice on the treatment protocol has to be obtained from medical oncologist.

The Immunology clinic is on thursday afternoon in the OPD 12.

Facilities for bone marrow studies are available in GMC, through certain condition need referral to a Hematologist as certain complicated test like Cyogenetic  studies and Immuno cyto chemistry are not done at GMC and may be needed in Condition Like MDS, Aplastic anemia etc.

Facilities for Liver Biopsy, available.
Endoscopy and colonoscopy is done in Surgery.

Facilities available are EEG, EMG, NCS, CT Sacn, MRI and MRI angiogram. DSA is not available.
Neurology OPD is on Tuesday and Thursday morning at OPD 5.

We have a separate department in Pulmonary Medicine for these cases Respiratory cases are tackled by consultation in Pulmonary Medicine.



 Staff Details

Department of Medicine

1. Dr. Edwin Gomes

Professor & Head    

2. Dr. Anar Khandeparkar

Associate Professor             

3. Dr. Sunanda Amonkar

Associate Professor

4. Dr. Viraj Khandeparkar

Associate Professor              

5. Dr. Rachita Gupta Velho

Associate Professor                 

6. Dr. Carmen M. Pereira

Associate Professor               

7. Dr. Nicasia Furtado

Assistant Professor                    

8. Dr. Sinai Narvekar Kedarshewar.

Assistant Professor

09. Dr  Savita Grasa Pinto Silva

Assistant Professor

10. Dr Ankush Dessai

Endocrinology (Contract)

11. Dr Ana Karina Jaques de costa          

Echo cardiologist (Contract)

12. Dr Ramnath Nevrekar


13. Dr Sumeet Juwarkar


14. Dr. Rukma Dalvi


15. Dr  Marina Vaz


16. Dr Gauri Nilajkar


17. Dr. Raghoba Gaonkar


18. Dr Shashank Prabhudessai

Lecturer (Contract)