Preventive and Social Medicine

The department of Preventive and Social Medicine also referred to as Community Medicine strives towards providing preventive, promotive and curative health services. The department has a Rural Health and Training Centre at Mandur and an Urban health Centre at St Cruz. The department strives to give the students an insight into the exciting world of public health and encourages them to think of the community at large while proving care. Preventive medicine is an important branch of medicine and is part of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd MBBS curriculum. The department is involved in a large number of research activities to develop better models of care and has been working with the Directorate of Health Services, Government of Goa on various training and research initiatives and also ensures that the various services provided under the health programmes of the Government of India reach to the people in our field practice area to achieve our ultimate goal of providing health for all.


Staff Details

Department of Preventive & Social Medicine

1. Dr. D. D. Motghare


2.   Dr. Jagadish Cacodcar

Associate Professor & Head

3.   Dr. Agnelo Ferreira

Associate Professor

4.       Dr. (Mrs) Vanita G. Pinto

Assistant Professor

5.      Dr. H. K. Shah


6.      Dr. Delia D’Souza


7.      Dr. Nadia Pinto


8.     Dr. Amit Savio Dias


9.  Dr. Nitin Dhupdale


10. Dr. M.S. Kulkarni

Associate Professor in Demography

11. Dr. Fredrick Vaz

Assistant Lecturer

12. Dr. Somnath G. Perni

Assistant Lecturer                                           

13. Dr. Umesh Kamat

Assistant Lecturer

14. Dr. Archana  Dessai

Assistant Lecturer

15. Dr Sheya Pirankar

 Assistant Lecturer

16. Dr Seema Natekar

Medical Officer (R.H.T.C Mandur)