We are committed to provide state of the art high quality diagnostic services to our patients and referring physicians. Our facilities are equipped with high end, latest generation machines with cutting edge technology. This coupled with the highly qualified team of Doctors, skilled technicians, nurses and supporting staff provide exceptional patient care and services round the clock. 

We are one of the best equipped radiology departments - One 1.5T MRI, Two CT scans, Seven Ultrasound machines, One Fluoroscopy machine, One Mammography unit, and Three Computed Radiography Units, X-ray Machines ( 3 OPD + 1 casualty +  1 TBCD).


Apart from this, the department plays a very important and significant role in the overall health care delivery system and academic activities of the hospital. It also provides platform for research activities and plans to conduct various educational and research activities in near future


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1. Staff Details

2. Faculty Residents.

3. Non Teaching Staff Details

4. Infrastructure


MRI 1.5T


  • Brain and spine imaging
  • Joint and soft tissue imaging
  • Pelvic MRI
  • MRCP: for diseases of hepatobiliary and pancreatic systems, including the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and pancreatic duct
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Neck MRI





  • Head & Neck CT
  • CT Thorax
  • Abdomen and Pelvic CT scan
  • Cardiac CT scan
  • CT angiography: cerebral, carotid, pulmonary, aortography, renal and peripheral vascular angiography.
  • CT guided procedures: FNAC, BIOPSY




 ULTRASONOGRAPHY (Philips and Siemens)


·         Abdomen


·         Pelvis


·         Obstetrics / Anomaly Scan


·         Follicular Study


·         KUB (Kidney, Urinary Bladder)


·         Small Parts (Thyroid, Neck ,Breast, Scrotum, Occular etc)


·         Chest


·         Trans Rectal USG


·         Trans Vaginal USG


·         USG guided Interventions (eg. Liver abscess tapping, pleural effusion / ascitic fluid tapping, FNAC/ Biopsy )







·         Abdominal


·         Renal doppler


·         Carotid


·         Obstetric


·         Upper Limb Doppler (Arterial and Venous)


·         Lower Limb Doppler (Arterial and Venous)







·         Chest


·         Abdomen


·         Joints


·         Extremities


·         KUB


·         Soft tissue Neck


·         PNS


·         Spine AP/Lateral







  • BARIUM STUDIES (barium swallow, barium upper GI, barium meal follow through, barium enema)
  • IVP
  • HSG
  • MCU