Accessibility Options in browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer for PC



Making Text larger in Mozilla Firefox 1.5 & 2

Follow these steps to increase or decrease the size of the text for the web page you are viewing:

Follow these steps to set a minimum text size for all pages you visit:

Fig 1


Fig 2


Making text larger in Internet Explorer 7

For the first time in Internet Explorer a zoom feature is included which allows you to enlarge the whole browser window. to do this press ' Ctrl ' + ' + ' to increase the zoom and ' Ctrl ' + ' - ' to decrease the zoom. You can also change the text size. The way to do this does depend on how the site has been built. For many sites you only need to do the following:

Fig 1

The text on the website should now have changed to reflect your choice. However some websites have fixed the size of their text ('hard-coded') and as a result these websites will not show the change you have just made. If you would like to use larger text on these sites follow the following steps:

Fig 2


Fig 3


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