The clinicopathological conference was practiced in Goa Medical College in the early 1990’s. However, since then, the CPC temporarily ceased to be included in the educational armoury.

This year, we have returned to our educational roots and we have restructured the CPC and brought it back to Goa Medical College every month on the last Thursday.

Each month, we will present the clinical course, radiological findings and relevant laboratory results of a pre-selected case. The clinical, pathological and radiological experts along with inputs from the audience will then correlate the clinical data together with the investigations to formulate differential diagnoses, and then logically narrow the list to a few probable diagnoses, eventually reaching a final diagnosis along with an interactive discussion of treatment and outcome. The clinical diagnosis will therefore be supplemented and guided by the pathological expert. This will be followed by an interactive question answer session.
This was first practiced in Boston by Harvard internist Dr Richard C. Cabot in 1900.
The best case for CPC mandatorily consists of Relevance, Solvability, Discussability



- Dr Pradeep Naik. Dean and Chairman.  Goa medical College.
- Dr Edwin Gomes. faculty. Professor and Head, Department of Medicine
- Dr Wiseman Pinto. faculty Professor and Head, Department of Pathology
- Dr Jeevan Vernekar. faculty Professor and Head, Department of Radiology
- Dr Savio Rodrigues. faculty Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology
- Dr Savita G Pinto s Da silva. faculty Assistant professor, Department of Medicine. Coordinator CPC.

Objectives of CPC for UG and PG Medical Students

  • Interdepartmental collaborative and cooperative exchange of knowledge
  • Honing clinical skills and approach to a clinical problem
  • Logical formulation of a final diagnosis Evidence based management and response to treatment.


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