Department Of Medicine,


Goa Medical College,


Bambolim, Goa.


Date:  4th April 2017.


From the First half of the summer vacation the duties will be as follows.


                                                                      C I R C U L A R


The following will be the consultants in the respective Units.




Unit 1.

Dr. Nicasia Furtado.

Unit 2.

Dr. Anar Khandeparkar.                 Dr. Sumeet Juwarkar

Unit 3.

Dr. Sunanda Amonkar.                   Dr. Rukma Kolwalkar.

Unit 4.

Dr. Viraj Khandeparkar.

Unit 5.

Dr. Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.

Unit 6.

Dr. Carmen Pereira.


Dr. Ankush Dessai.


Dr. Edwin Gomes.


Dr. A’aron D’Souza. / Dr. Maria Tereza Ferreira. / Dr. Sainath.




The Consultant on emergency duties will be as follows.





Dr.  Nicasia Furtado.


Dr.  Sumeet Juwarkar.


Dr.  Carmen Pereira.


Dr.  Viraj Khandeparkar.


Dr.  Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.


Dr.  Rukma Kolwalkar.






Special OPD’s.


Tuesday. Gastroenterology Clinic.   Dr. Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.


Wednesday.  Diabetic Clinic.   Dr. Sumeet Juwarkar. With Unit 1 residents.


Thursday. Cardiac Clinic.   Dr. Nicasia Furtado and Dr. Anar Khandeparkar.


Thursday. Immunology Clinic.   Residents of Unit 1 in the OPD. (Dr. Nakul Tikare ).


Tuesday. Hypertensive Clinic. Dr. Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.








On Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm there will be a Geriatric Clinic starting.


Patients will be seen on appointment basis at the rate of 5 patients per consultant per hour.


The consultants will be.


Dr. Edwin Gomes.


Medical Fitness.


Wednesday. Dr. Rukma Kolwlakar.


Friday. Dr. Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.


Medical Board.


Dr. Edwin Gomes.


The Sunday duties will be as follows.




Sunday Unit 6.   2nd April 2017. Dr. Marina Vaz.


Sunday Unit 1.   9th April 2017. Dr. Nicasia Furtado.


Sunday Unit 2.   16th April 2017. Dr. Anar Khandeparkar.


Sunday Unit 3.   23rd April 2017. Dr. Sunanda Amonkar.


Sunday Unit 4.   30th April 2017. Dr. Viraj Khandeparkar.


Sunday Unit 5.   7th May 2017. Dr. Savita Graca Pinto Da Silva.


Sunday Unit 6.   14th May 2017. Dr. Carmen Pereira.


Special Clinics.


Nephrology:  Day: Monday and Friday.


                       Consultants. Dr. Edwin Gomes.


                       Residents.  Dr. Prathamesh Naik and Dr. Vinay Kumar.


Endocrinology:  Day: Monday , Wednesday  and Friday.


                             Consultants. Dr. Ankush Dessai.


                             Residents.  Dr. Ana Soraya Monteiro.


Neurology:   Day: Tuesday and Thursday.


                      Consultants. From Neurology.


                      Residents.  Short posts junior residents.


Cardiology:  Day: Tuesday by Cardiology and Thursday by both.


                      Consultants. Cardiology Consultants and


                                              Dr. Nicasia Furtado and Dr. Anar Khandeparkar.

                        Residents.   Residents of Unit 2.