Date  17  /08/2016




Sealed Quotation are invited for Printing and Manufacturing of ColourPosters.

Sealed quotation are invited for printing of colour posters on vinyl and pasting on foam sheet/board with thickness of (3mm)

Details of the requirements are as under:

1.      Size 2X3 feet

2.      The printing material can been seen in the office of the any time during the working days

3.      There are 4 different colour posters to be printed

4.      Number of each poster to be printed will be 100 each.

5.      The colour posters should be on vinyl and should be pasted on to foam sheet/board of 3mm thickness.

6.      Conditional quotation will not be accepted

7.      Rate of above work should be communicated in the following format in sealed quotation

Sr. no.

Colour poster details

Cost for supplying 100 nos. of colour posters


Poster1CCTV.cdr = size 2x3feet



Poster2CCTV.cdr = size 2x3feet



Poster3offence.cdr=size 2x3feet



Poster4 toilet.cdr=size 2x3feet



8.      The sample artwork to be printed is also available on the GMC website:

(in.jpg format, CDR will be provider once the quote is approved

9.      Quotation should be received by the office of the Dean on or before /08/2016 by 3:00p.m. Bambolim, Goa.Which shall be opened at 4:00p.m. {Quotation should be superscripted as “SEALED  QUOTATION For POSTER” in Capital letter on the left corner of the envelope.

10.   Address: 



Goa Medical College

Bambolim Goa


11.  Dean reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation without assigning any reason.





Goa medical College

Bambolim Goa


Sample Art Work Download Link

1.      Poster1CCTV

2.      Poster2CCTV

3.      Poster3offence

4.     Poster4 toilet